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Green Spaces Working Group

Millen Garden, Tenterden

Millen Garden


Local Green Space (LGS) designation must be carried out in accordance with criteria set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The Green Spaces group’s main task has been to identify potential LGS designations by applying the NPPF criteria to the green spaces within the parish of Tenterden – ie Tenterden, St Michaels and Smallhythe.

NPPF LGS criteria

The Local Green Space designation should only be used where the green space is:

Allotments, Tenterden



  1. Draw up a ‘long-list’ all the green spaces within close roximity to the built-up areas of the parish. This involved a lot of walking, notetaking and photographing.
  2. Assess each space against the NPPF criteria to establish whether
    suitable for potential designation. In order to help us interpret and apply the criteria we consulted the government’s National Planning Policy Guidance and guidance produced by Locality, the national membership network for community organisations and the font of all
    knowledge for Neighbourhood Planning.
  3. Draw up a shortlist of potential Local Green Spaces.
  4. Check and validate each potential space against the evidence gathered by the other NP working groups.


Government guidance has to be adhered to, therefore:

As per the NPPF, Local Green Spaces may be designated where those spaces are ‘demonstrably special’ to the local community. Accordingly, the Green Spaces group’s initial assessment of the town’s green spaces were measured against the five sub-criteria listed below, with each space needing to meet at least one of these criteria in order to qualify for further investigation:

Display boards presented at the consultation event

What the community said
Criteria for LGS  designation
Map of Tenterden’s green spaces

The chair of the Green Spaces Working Group is Sue Quinton. See more about Sue and the other steering committee members.