Visioning and Objective Setting Event

Read the Report on our recent Visioning event held on 24 October 2019. The Report is written by Jim Boot, our professional neighbourhood planning consultant and is available in the Resources section.

Read the Visioning and objective Setting Report

The purpose of this visioning event was to develop a vision and set of objectives for the Tenterden Selective Neighbourhood Plan (TSNP) – what residents and businesses would like the area to look and feel like in 10, 15 or 20 years’ time – as a result of the TSNP. Once a favoured vision was short-listed by those participating, the next step was to develop objectives or principles to achieve the vision. These then would become the basis for a working vision and set of objectives to inform the next steps in developing the neighbourhood plan.

Invitations were sent out to everyone who had expressed an interest in being involved in the TSNP as well as steering group and working group members. In the end 30 people took part. The intention following the workshop was to share the results at the TSNP exhibition taking place at St Mildred’s Church on the following Saturday 2nd November and ask for feedback from the general public and other stakeholders who might attend. There will be a separate report on the exhibition to follow.

The Neighbourhood Plan aims to define a coherent and forward-looking plan for Tenterden, and to promote health and wellbeing of its residents, indigenous wildlife, protect its environment and continue to attract visitors to the town.

The plan also aims to identify:

  • Sites with rich biodiversity
  • Valued landscape and views
  • Interconnecting green routeways
  • Local green spaces

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