Why does the neighbourhood plan matter?

The Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan provides the local community with a powerful tool to guide the long term future of the parish for the period right through to 2030. The plan contains a vision for the future of Tenterden parish and sets out planning policies to realise this vision.

The Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan draft can be viewed in full here.

Who has produced this draft copy of the plan?

The draft plan has been developed and produced by Tenterden Town Council, the Steering Committee and professional consultants in close cooperation with local community volunteers, including working group members, who contributed substantially to the collection of evidence which underpins the Neighbourhood Plan, on behalf of the Tenterden community

What issues are addressed by the neighbourhood plan?

The plan covers a wide range of issues, including:

  • The intrinsic character and beauty of the surrounding countryside, especially the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
  • The important green infrastructure within and beyond the town
  • Wildlife and habitats and the issue of seeking net biodiversity gains from development
  • Achieving high quality development which fits well within the local context
  • Accommodating strategic housing sites allocated in the 2030 Local Plan
  • Designated and non-designated heritage assets, such as the four Conservation Areas and the large numbers of listed buildings
  • Local businesses in Tenterden town centre as well as the rural economy
  • Leisure facilities and other local infrastructure
  • Routeways and sustainable transport
Which areas will be influenced by the plan?

The area to which the plan policies apply is the area covered by Tenterden Town Council. Some of the neighbourhood plan policies are general and apply across the plan area, while others are site or area specific and apply only to the certain areas.

How can I comment on the plan?

The plan will be published for public comment on Wednesday 23rd June for a period of 8 weeks. Comments on the plan are invited and an easy-to-use digital survey form here allows comments to be quickly and effectively gathered by the team. The closing date for comments is Wednesday 18th August. 

How can I find out more?

All information about the neighbourhood plan and the process can be found on this website. To support this, the team working with Tenterden Town Council will be organising two online question and answers sessions on Wednesday 30th June and Wednesday 28th July. These will be held on the Zoom platform. Sign up to take part in these online question and answer sessions here.