Welcome to the Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Update


The Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Ashford Borough Council and is progressing through Step 3 of the roadmap outlined below.

Step 1: Getting set up and deciding on the neighbourhood area

Step 2: Community consultation and evidence

Step 3: Submitting the plan

The draft Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to the local authority, Ashford Borough Council.

They’ll check that the correct procedures have been followed and that all required documents have been submitted. They will then arrange for an independent examiner to check that the plan meets the basic conditions.

Finally, if the plan passes these tests, Ashford Borough Council will organise a public referendum (vote), so that everyone who lives in the neighbourhood area can decide whether they support it.

If more than 50% of the voters are in favour of the plan, Ashford Borough Council must bring it into force.

This means that it will form part of the statutory development plan for the area, so any decisions about whether or not to grant planning permission in the neighbourhood area in the future must be made by taking the neighbourhood plan into consideration.

For information & updates on the draft Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan, please visit the Tenterden Town Council website here.
You can access copies of the draft Tenterden Neighbourhood Plan and other documents there.

Ashford Borough Council also have information on their website here, which provides details of all the upcoming and completed Neighbourhood Plans in the Borough.